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Selling FedEx P&D Routes

FedEx Route Sales Process

Once a contractor has made the decision to put their routes up for sale, a common question that often comes up is “How long will it take to sell my routes?” One of the first ways to gauge this is to look at the complexity of your business. How many routes are you selling? What is the condition of your fleet? Are vehicles free & clear or do you have debt that will need to be paid off? Are you involved in multiple sectors: P&D or Linehaul? Are there any pending requirements that need to be completed prior to the sale: negotiations, changes to meet scale requirements, OTC’s? Is your contracted service area expanding or are you inheriting any new routes in the coming future? Are your financials readily available and ready to present to potential buyers?

Once we’ve answered these questions, it will be easier to estimate the timeline required to sell your routes. Another factor is financing. Are you planning on allowing the deal to be financed or will it need to be a cash sale? Even though accepting a bank financed deal can ultimately help you in selling your FedEx routes, it can increase the overall sale cycle duration. After a general understanding of all factors involved, we can create an accurate determination of the estimated turnaround time. It should be noted that Premier Route Consulting partners with financial institutions that are experts with lending to our industry. We will provide the best loan options for potential buyers.

Best Time To Sell

Another common inquiry is when is the best time of year to sell FedEx routes. The simple answer is any time. There are always interested buyers that are willing and ready to take on a good opportunity no matter when that may be. Keep in mind that the average timeline to selling FedEx routes is between two and four months. Timing the closing of your sale will be key to a successful transition for both buyer and seller.
The obvious season to avoid with the close of your sale would be peak. This does not mean that it is impossible to carry out a sale during or leading up to the holidays, but it is more likely that it will add time to the total process. Plus when working with local terminal management, they will appreciate a sale that closes well before peak. This ensures that the new buyer will have ample time to get comfortable with the new operation before volume begins to increase. We typically recommend to buyers that they should start the process as early as possible in the calendar year. That said we’ve sold routes into late November, so there is really no restrictions to when you can sell your FedEx route business.
The ideal time to close a sale is sometime earlier in the calendar year. For example, if you sell your FedEx routes in March, the new buyer will have at least 6 months before they need to begin preparing for peak. Typically a seller will stay on after they’ve sold their routes for a average period of 30 to 60 days to assist with the new owner’s transition. Including this as a clause of the sale agreement is good for everyone involved including your drivers, terminal management, and new ownership.

Steps to a Successful Sales Presentation

When the time comes to put your routes in front of a buyer audience, you want your presentation to be clear and concise. You need a marketing package that will give buyers the knowledge and confidence to make an informative decision as to the routes you are selling. These are the keys to success when selling FedEx routes.

Putting It All Together

It takes experience and hard work to create a dynamic presentation that will grab the attention of a qualified buyer and help facilitate a successful sale. Let Premier Route Consulting guide you through this process so you can present your business accurately and professionally.
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Buyer FAQ’s

Need help selling your FedEx routes? To help prepare your routes for sale, it is important to know the questions that will come up during the sale process. The following are common questions we receive from potential buyers and investors.

1.) Are FedEx Ground routes a good investment?

A ground business can be a very lucrative investment. Some of the major benefits to ownership that we will share with buyers include:

2.) Do I need previous experience to be a successful ground routes owner?

We see buyers from a variety of backgrounds, surprisingly only a small number have FedEx route ownership experience. With good due diligence and guidance from an experienced broker, a buyer can gain a good understanding of the FedEx ground routes for sale in a relatively short period of time. Including seller training is also very helpful in starting the buyer off on the right foot.

3.) Can FedEx routes be financed?

Buyers have a few options when it comes to financing a FedEx route business. We have many prospective buyers in our database that have access to capital and private investors available for purchasing a business. We also work with buyers that require traditional bank financing, typically using SBA loan products, to acquire FedEx routes. There are alternative financing options that can also be used such as equipment financing.

4.) Can I purchase routes in different terminals?

Yes, there is no set limit as to how many routes an entity can purchase as long as they do not exceed the scale threshold in a given terminal. Scale is the size of your business in relation to total stop volume of a single terminal. Questions about scale will come up as we get further along in the sale process. It’s good to know what your scale threshold is for your terminal as you prepare to sell your routes.  

5.) How does FedEx pay contractors?

FedEx Ground business owners are paid weekly. Compensation is reported on weekly FedEx provided settlement statements that break down revenue per service day and include bonuses and incentives. FedEx pays ISP’s in different “buckets” of variable and fixed charges. We will work with buyers to help them understand the FedEx pay structure in detail. 

6.) How long does it take to buy/sell a FedEx routes business?

The timeline of selling a FedEx ground route business depends on multiple factors but the average sale process typically takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months. A good broker can decrease this timeline by facilitating controllable factors related to the deal. This is how we help sell FedEx routes quickly to meet our clients expectations.

7.) Does FedEx need to approve a buyer?

Yes, FedEx will require certain documentation from a new buyer prior to taking over for an existing contractor. We can help walk you and your buyer through the process. The key is to come prepared with the required items when the time comes for FedEx to approve your sale and transfer of the contract.

8.) Is there typically a training period?

When selling FedEx ground routes, it is always a good idea to offer a reasonable training period to your new buyer. This will create a better transition for everyone including you and your existing staff. Our goal goes beyond just helping to sell FedEx routes, we want all parties involved to be satisfied with the transaction.
These are just a few of the many inquiries we receive on a daily basis from individuals looking for more information on the FedEx Ground industry. Let Premier Route Consulting be your partner in educating potential buyers, creating a trusting environment for all parties involved.
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