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Selling FedEx Linehaul Runs

An Education in Linehaul Runs

The majority of buyers looking to potentially enter the FedEx linehaul sector will have questions related to subjects like: settlement statements, points, dedicated vs. unassigned, and solo vs. team runs. You will want to clearly define the details of your operation and the general overview of FedEx linehaul. These details can include the total number of tractors you’re running, the points you currently have on each run, the number of dedicated and unassigned runs, and the number of miles for each of your runs.

When selling FedEx linehaul runs it is important to act as a resource to potential buyers coming into the industry. This is important not only because the buyer needs to feel confident in the business they are purchasing, but also because they will need to be approved by FedEx to assume your contract terms and conditions. With this in mind, you can set yourself up for a smooth sale process.

FedEx linehaul routes can be very profitable, and buyers need to understand the true value of running these operations. Once you have successfully educated a buyer on value, you can be positioned to sell your FedEx linehaul routes for a competitive price.

Be Prepared with Good Financials

Once you have provided a buyer with details of your operation and general information about the linehaul routes you are selling, you want to prepare a solid financial presentation. We recommend including the following documents:

It’s All About Your Drivers

As a FedEx linehaul business owner, you know that good drivers can make or break your business. With this in mind, it will be no surprise that individuals interested in your business will have questions regarding these key employees. It is important to clarify that linehaul drivers are different then P&D drivers in that they are not customer facing. The main value of this is allowing the driver to focus on their key responsibility, driving. However it is good to mention that your drivers have a network of support mainly from their coordinators and managers. It is also important to specify what qualifications make a good linehaul route drive. You can include: clean background and driving record, satisfied DOT requirements, and driving experience within the FedEx system or similar industry.

Celebrate Your Industry

It’s an excellent time to sell a FedEx linehaul business. Opportunities are more limited than P&D routes, e-commerce and economic conditions are strengthening the market, and buyer demand is up because of more recent focus on our industry. Given these factors, in combination with a strong informative presentation of your business, you will attract qualified buyers that will be excited to hear more about the opportunity to buy in to this lucrative industry.

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