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Putting A Value On Your FedEx Route Business

For a business to sell quickly and successfully, there is one key component that needs to be present – an accurate price. It is a common mistake of sellers and their brokers to set an unrealistic asking price for FedEx route businesses.

The Market Determines the Price

Something we regularly tell our clients is that the market determines a price, not us. If your routes are overpriced, you will know very quickly by the lack of interest from potential buyers. We receive calls from frustrated contractors upset that their routes have sat on the market for months without any offers. We also hear from sellers that have taken substantial losses on past sales and are certain they had priced their routes too low.

Professional Route Valuation

A professional route broker will have insight into what determines an accurate market value for FedEx route operations. Using a combination of financial analysis, local/regional comps and current industry knowledge, an accurate list price can be achieved. A competitive sale price can give you the leverage to reach a successful agreement with a buyer.

Factors That Determine Your Asking Price

Aside from the metrics listed above, there are other factors involved that can help determine a FedEx ISP business valuation. The geographic location of the routes, number of vehicles included in the sale, and years of operation can all affect value. A recently launched FedEx Ground program is also creating price variance between route listings and that is the FedEx Ground Medal System. This new system awards ISP’s with an Olympic inspired “medal” of gold, silver, or bronze. The medal level is awarded based on a variety of key performance metrics. A contractor’s medal status can be a good indication of how well run and sustainable their business is which can affect the overall value of the operation.

If you are interested in selling your business and would like a free route valuation, get in touch with us.