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Thinking About Selling Your FedEx Routes?

You’ve built your business from the ground up. Maybe you started out driving a route or heard about the FedEx Ground business model from a friend, had an opportunity to buy in, picked up a few routes, then a few more. Before you knew it, you were running a full-fledged FedEx route operation. You’ve made relationships with drivers, managers, and customers. You know this business inside and out.

This is the background of many of our clients. They have developed a solid business that has provided for them and their families. For one reason or another it’s now time to move on and hand the keys to the next person.

Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

This is one of the most common questions that we field from sellers of FedEx route businesses. The answer we typically give is in the form of another question – Why do you think it’s a good time to sell? Because the simple truth is, FedEx routes can be sold any time of year, in any economy. Our job is to determine the condition of a seller’s routes and what it will take to bring them to market. Anyone can put a group of routes up for sale, it takes a professional with expert insight to analyze, value, and market a business in a way that will be attractive to qualified buyers.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

When selling FedEx routes, there are many factors that determine the operation’s value. Each set of routes is different, all with a list of pluses and minuses. We assure our seller clients that no business is perfect and it is best practice to share all available information with a potential buyer. With everything on the table, it is much easier to strategize an agreement. We have found that 99% of all potential issues a seller is concerned with when putting routes up for sale can be remediated with collaborative communication.

The Price is Right

Pricing a route business accurately is something that takes time and skill. Your sale price can determine if your business sells quickly or sits quietly on the market. FedEx contractors selling their route businesses need to be prepared with detailed financial and operational data which will help to calculate a fair market value. Working with a route broker that has experience pricing route businesses will establish accuracy when setting an asking price.

If you are interested in selling and would like to know how much your route business is worth, contact us for a free valuation report.