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FedEx Ground Resources For Interested Route Buyers

For decades, FedEx has offered entrepreneurs a way to share in their business model by allowing individual entities to contract with the shipping & logistics industry leader. There are many resources available for incoming independent owners which we will cover in this post.

Build a Ground Biz

A great site to start your FedEx contracting research is at BuildAGroundBiz. Here you can explore general information about the FedEx Ground business model as well as the types of opportunities available within the Ground sector, including P&D and Linehaul routes. You can explore the main features and benefits of route business ownership as well as sign up for email alerts to stay current on industry trends and news. There is also a page to view current contractors speaking of their experiences within the business.

My Ground Biz

Once you’ve officially become a FedEx independent service provider, you will be given access to a site called MyGroundBiz. Here you will find a multitude of information related to your new business. Some of the most valuable sections include:

  • Safety Resources including current safety technology available and FedEx safety related documents. Also, safety regulations and driver qualification guidelines can be found here.
  • The Service Provider Familiarization Guide – This is the “bible” for FedEx Ground P&D and Linehaul contractors. It is a general guide of the business as a whole. It goes into subjects such as: FedEx agreements, delivery, pickup, hazmat, signatures, charges, safety, and much more.
  • Vehicle standards and regulations
  • Links to vehicle/maintenance, safety, and apparel vendors
  • General industry information including rollouts of new FedEx ISP programs.

My Biz Account

This site will give you access to information unique to your company including: Settlement statements, charge data, ISP Agreement details, and operational reports that will help you run your business. This is also the site that you will use for contract negotiations. MyBizAccount is a valuable resource and one you will use on a daily basis as a FedEx contractor.

We have years of experience using these contractor resources. Contact us with any question on these sites or any other industry publications.