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FedEx Ground Driver Qualifications And Training

Employing high-quality drivers is paramount to the success of your FedEx route business. Drivers work on the front lines, operating your vehicles and interacting with your customers on a daily basis. With that comes a lot of responsibility in terms of safety and service. When you hire a driver, you want to be confident in knowing the individual will perform at a standard that you would expect.

FedEx Driver Experience

There are certain standards that FedEx implements to qualify a driver’s experience.

Source: Mygroundbiz

  • Experience: One year verifiable driving experience within the previous three years; or five years verifiable driving experience within the previous ten years.
  • Vendor driving school plus experience: (Alternatively to the standard experience requirement) Six months verifiable driving experience within the previous three years and successful completion of a qualified driver training course.
  • Completion of the ELDP: (For drivers with less than 6 months commercial driving experience) Successful completion of a qualified CSP P&D driving school; and, within an agreed upon timeframe:
  • Completion of a FedEx Ground-administered road test (which is in addition to the road test completed during the driver training school)
  • Completion of 18 behind-the-wheel hours while accompanied by a “Qualified Observer” (which is in addition to the 18 behind-the-wheel hours completed during the driver training school); and
  • Completion of an additional road test administered by qualified service provider personnel (which is in addition to the road tests completed during the driver training school and administered by FXG).

Entry Level Driver Program (ELDP)

The Entry-Level Driver Program (ELDP) for FedEx contractors offers a unique opportunity to train drivers to meet driving experience terms of the Agreement(s), regardless of the amount of previous driving experience.

Fleet Response offers an excellent program that helps FedEx ground contractors onboard new drivers quickly and effectively.

Included in the Fleet Response new driver program:

  • Guidance on becoming a driving school vendor (as required based on your contract)
  • Step by step instructions and overall program guide for both a trainer and your candidate
  • Approved, online training lessons and quizzes
  • Road & driving range instructional materials
  • Final exam and certification of completion

Cost is $250 per candidate*. Note: Some motor carriers require all trainers must complete our ELDP prior to being able to assist candidates through the program. At check-out, please purchase 2 ELDP slots, one for your candidate and one for your trainer (if required). If your trainer has already completed the program you do NOT need to buy it for them again.

*Cost of ELDP program is reduced to $80 per candidate with purchase of the Fleet Response FedEx Qualified Safety Program.

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