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FedEx Ground Driver Qualifications And Training

Employing high-quality drivers is paramount to the success of your FedEx route business. Drivers work on the front lines, operating your vehicles and interacting with customers on a daily basis. With that comes a lot of responsibility in terms of safety and service. When you hire a driver, you want to be confident in knowing the individual will perform at a standard that you would expect.

FedEx Driver Qualification Process

There are certain standards that FedEx implements to qualify a candidate to drive within the Ground network. See below for the main components of the driver qualification process:

Source: Mygroundbiz

  • Application profile: Using the FedEx approved background checks & screening vendor, First Advantage (FADV), an ISP will enter a candidate profile within the FADV web-based system which will then initiate an application (the FADV DOT Profile) for the candidate to complete.
  • Background screens: After completing the application profile, a driver candidate must complete a few background screens including a DOT physical and drug screen.
  • Qualification Certification: For new drivers, FedEx requires that service providers furnish a Qualification Certification. This certification will demonstrate that the driver candidate is qualified to operate the type of vehicle to which they will be assigned. The Qualification Certification only applies to vehicles over a certain size.
  • Service providers may choose to use a Qualified Provider (a 3rd party vendor approved by FedEx to perform Qualification Certification training) or designate one or more of its personnel to become a Certified Trainer. These designated Certified Trainers are qualified to provide up to 32 hours of Qualification Certification training for the service provider’s other personnel.
  • Completion of a qualified provider or certified trainer administered road test.
  • Completion of 8 behind-the-wheel hours while accompanied by a Certified Trainer or Qualified Observer.
  • The steps above outline the qualification process for P&D drivers. Qualifying a linehaul driver includes many of the same steps as P&D but considering that linehaul drivers are required to have a CDL (commercial drivers license) there are some key differences.

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