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FedEx Ground Contractor Mybizaccount Resources

As a FedEx ground contractor, you have many resources at your fingertips that can help you run your operation.  We discuss some of those resources, specifically the reports and metrics utilized by contractors on a daily basis.

Real-Time Operational Reports

CSA-level data and reports, as well as personnel-operator-level data on business operations, are available to AOs (and business contact(s) if delegated) on MyBizAccout.Fedex.  Details on the reports and categories of data available are outlined below.

Users are able to view real-time reports through the “Operational Reports-Real Time” tab under “ISP Reports and Data.” Information available includes:

  • ISP Ground Pickup Information (Ground only) – Daily scanner data, including:
  • Regular/Scheduled Pickups (at least one pickup per day)
  • Actual Pickup Activity

ISP Daily Service Worksheet – Scanning information for a selected CSA, including data from preload scans, STAR scans captured on-road, and Van Service Audit scans. The Worksheet links to two different reports:

– SP Daily Service Worksheet (default view); broken into four sections:

  • CSA Information
  • P&D Planning/AM Preload
  • P&D Results/Van Service Audit
  • SQI Impact

– Call Tag Summary; the user can view the number of call tags:

  • Dispatched
  • Picked Up
  • Not Picked Up
  • Unreconciled
  • Refused

Users can select the desired search parameters to narrow search results. Users should note that the term “Previous Day” refers to any day in the past. Data from previous days may be actual historical data and the “Back” button cannot be used in the ISP Daily Service Worksheet.

FedEx Customer Connect (FCC)

FedEx Customer Connection (FCC) is a web-based application that gives AOs/BCs direct ability to transfer, subcontract, accept and assign new pickups, plus electronic access to P&D detail information.

FCC now includes a dynamic view of completed stops; packages picked up and delivered; and a snapshot of Inbound Local Service (ILS) impacted packages.

The new service area summary screen shows all that and more for an entire service area, eliminating the need to go to the Daily Service Worksheet (DSW) for that information.

The FCC service area summary screen now displays DSW information for an entire service area. It includes a dynamic view of completed stops; packages picked up and delivered; and a snapshot of ILS impacted packages.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Views of all pickups in a given service area in one list.
  • A bold envelope icon on the “Messaging” tab when the FCC inbox contains one or more new unread messages.
  • The ability to opt-in to receive a text or email notification when a contracted service provider’s employee receives an “Early Pickup” warning on the STAR device and chooses to continue.
  • More specific verbiage in text or email notifications – for subcontract offers, new scheduled pickup offers and same day on-call offers – that include shipper name, address and window.
  • Sender information in text and email notifications for free form texts sent to the user’s inbox.