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FedEx Ground OnSite Program

FedEx OnSite allows your neighborhood grocery store, specialty retail, pharmacy, and other locations to act as FedEx drop off and pick up sites. This service provides another arm of business to FedEx Ground route contractors. Typically these are sites that are already FedEx delivery and pickup customers.

OnSite should be one of many key values to point out to buyers when selling FedEx routes. There will be large expansion of FedEx Onsite locations over the next few years as demand for safe, convenient drop-off and pickup options continue to gain popularity. Most recently, Walgreens has joined other major retail partners to include FedEx OnSite within their organizations. To date, there are almost 11,000 package pickup locations in the U.S.

How OnSite impacts FedEx Ground operations

Contracted service providers can use OnSite as a value add to their customers. In terms of volume, it will increase packages per stop and stop counts overall. This equates to higher revenue to the entity. OnSite also has the potential to cut down on customer complaints regarding missed deliveries and stolen packages.

Types of packages accepted at OnSite locations

All packages must be packaged and labeled by customers before dropping off at FedEx OnSite locations. There is no packing or label printing services available at these sites. OnSite locations are able to hold packages requiring an adult signature such as parcels containing alcohol.

See below for packages allowed with FedEx OnSite programs.

FedEx OnSite - FedEx OnSite

Branding Opportunity

By partnering with large, well known brands like Walgreens, Kroegers, and Albertsons, FedEx has allowed themselves an opportunity to strengthen their brand on a local level. It provides additional exposure to their services to current and potential customers. OnSite is an element that will only increase the marketability of your business when selling FedEx routes.

For more information on FedEx OnSite or other Ground services that can help promote the sale of your FedEx route business, contact Premier Route Consulting.