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FedEx Ground Hubs

FedEx Ground has more than 600 facilities across the United States and Canada supporting their ground package shipping operations, including large distribution hubs.

FedEx Ground Route Network

Throughout the FedEx Ground route network, there are about 10 million packages traveling through the system daily. FedEx is constantly upgrading and expanding its FedEx Ground facilities to create more efficiencies in package shipping.

The FedEx Ground network is built on a “hub and spoke” model. Within the network, there are 40 regional hubs that are located throughout the country. Surrounding each hub, like a spoke on a bicycle wheel, there are local stations that “connect” to the hub.

Ground Package Lifecycle

The following data is from the FedEx Ground site Build A Ground Biz explaining the how a package travels through the network.

The lifecycle of a package illustrates movement through the FedEx Ground network:

1. Shipper

Packages are picked up at a customer location in a local geographic area and transported to the local station by an independent service provider.

2. Origin station

Packages that are picked up from local shippers are sorted for outbound transportation to a nearby hub.

3. Origin hub

At the origin hub, packages are unloaded and sorted, with loads consolidated onto trailers according to destination hub for the efficient movement of packages.

4. Destination hub

Trailers arrive at the destination hub, where packages are unloaded and sorted for transportation to the hub’s satellite stations.

5. Destination station

Packages arrive at the destination station to be sorted for delivery in the station’s service area.

6. Recipient

Packages are delivered by an independent service provider to the intended commercial or residential customer.

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